Combining Love for Travel with a Conscientious Lifesytle


Formally “Tipsy Hippie will Travel” Blog

Yay, you made it to my page! Welcome! Read. Enjoy. Laugh. Learn. Laugh some more!

Let me preface my blog by saying I am not an expert…at anything.  No really.  I am a dreamer. I dream about having a chicken coop.  I dream about living out of my skoolie permanently.  I dream about being a chef at a five star Bed & Breakfast.  I dream of working at a co-op to harden my gardening skills.  I dream of flying to an island and never coming back.  What’s my point?  I have dreams with dreams buried inside them, and I’m trying to make all of them happen.

That being said, I explore all of my dreams and desires and I invite you to learn from my mishaps and my good fortunes! But first I should tell you who I actually am.

When I was 19 I followed my dreams of becoming the next top model before “The Next Top Model” existed. Those dreams took me to Miami and that’s where they left me.  Submersed in a culture very different than my Baltimore suburbs home, I fell in love.  Not with a boy, or girl, but with the unknown. Learning a new culture, meeting people, experiencing life in a new way. Hooked. From that moment till now and I hope till my end, I dream of the world.


Now I am 35 years old and still can’t shake the feeling.   Four years ago I had climbed to the top of my career ladder.  Believe it or not the top was being a General Manager of a bar/restaurant.  I worked all the time. I can’t say that I totally hated it, I mean I was in charge; that’s cool right?  Well I had to get back on the dreamer train.  I quit my city job and moved to the beach to become a bartender, again.  This job gave me the bit of freedom I truly needed…time off.  I now have ample time to travel, to explore, to build my chicken coop. Ok so I haven’t done that yet, but I am building my Skoolie!


With my new found time I have honed my travel skills, mostly on the road and with a lot of camping tricks.  For instance don’t light a backpacking pocket rocket stove inside a hotel room.  If you must, bathrooms are best, if a fire starts (and it may) you can turn the shower on to put the fire out.  Also noteworthy, just because the fire alarm sounds, doesn’t mean you will get thrown out, no one even bothered checking on our room.  Don’t think the no smoking rule really applied!


My DIY skills got a jumpstart with this bus conversion.  Not only can I deconstruct the interior of a school bus, I can build a chest, walls, and even make hardwood flooring on the cheap.  Ryan recently learned how to replace a part of the brake line, sounds more dangerous than it is! My hope is that others can learn from our little experiences.

My love and devotion to the globe does not stop at my eagerness to see it.  It bewilders me so much and from such a young age that I have constantly devoted myself to learning how to protect it.  Eventually, environmental awareness naturally turns to physical awareness.  What is not good for Mother Earth can not be good for us. Wait! I know, so hippity dippity (as my friends call it).  But serious talk for just a moment. This world moves so fast, most of the time I believe that most people just don’t know how much of an impact they have on the planet. More over that’s normal! It takes time, money, and effort to practice a deliberate and intentional existence.  It is a pain in the arse frankly.

Listen I am not living on a homestead in the mountains trying to tell you to make jams and jellies to get yourself through the winter, although secretly I think I would love that existence.  I am just a girl, former city girl, aspiring off-grider, who wants to take as many people as she can on the journey. I work in a bar where thousands of bottles and cups get thrown out on a daily basis, but at home I save my mushroom containers cause they make great drawer dividers and it saves them from the landfill.  It’s about balance.

So join me on my journey to become a modern gypsy.